My man of letters

You were my man of letters, you’re and you’ll be forever and a day. My inner conscience tells me that someday you’ll come back and ask me why didn’t I hold you tight in my cage of love. You’ll ask me why didn’t I try a little more to persuade you. Yet, I’ll stand like […]

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Words of my soul

I don’t want to make you feel an ouch of a needle. Or else I may feel faithlessly feeble. I’ll water you immense love just like my seedling. Soothingly will bergh you in my chin and succor you in healing. Between two ogins, I’ll always stand as your bridge to pass over. And, then again […]

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Rhythm of my soul

On which meadow shall I step to catch a glimpse of your shadow? Or shall I dive into the ocean to portray your hidden glow? Perhaps you’re more brighter than a daffodil yet you’ll succumb to conceal. Thus, your glint will thrill my eyes and I’ll flow with the wave of a rill. Somewhere far […]

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